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The Laser Genesis Procedure

The Laser Genesis procedure is a non-invasive treatment that can correct an array of dermatological issues, such as wrinkles, acne, redness, enlarged pores, dark spots and many more. The treatment is performed using a a laser device the generates heat within the upper dermis. This results in an increase in collagen fibers. New collagen equals new skin!The procedure works by stimulating cellular...

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Sculptra: Non-Invasive Beauty Treatment That Fills In What's Missing

If you want your face to look younger without the world knowing exactly what you've done, then consider the wonders of Sculptra. This non-invasive treatment performs extremely well, creating smoothness and volume to your facial contours.What is in this magic injectable that dermatologists and spa estheticians love working with?It's simply a thin, watery facial filler comprised of poly-L-lactic...

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Fraxel RePair C02 Is The Perfect Solution for Achieving Young and Healthy Skin

Anti-aging creams and products are plentiful and for some people they work perfectly fine. Those of us who suffer from stretch marks, deep acne scars, uneven epidermis tone, deep wrinkles and textured dermis require more advanced techniques in order to correct our skin problems. Fraxel Repair CO2 laser decorticate treatment utilizes revolutionary laser technology is the gold standard within the...

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