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While a daily moisturizing routine will help your skin balance it's PH and and maintain a youthful glow, it does nothing to repair deep lines and wrinkles. As you age, your skin becomes thinner and drier, losing it's elasticity. Over time, even with excellent skincare habits, lines and wrinkles will form. If you want to repair the signs of aging, and enhance your natural beauty by taking years...

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Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags are known by different names such as acrochordon, fibro-epithelial polys, or fibromas. They can be either a small bump (sessile) or attached by a stalk (peduncle). Medically, they are considered to be tiny benign tumors. Since these tags are harmless, usually there is no medical reason to have them removed. However, depending on the location of the tags, they can make people feel...

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Soft Lift: Contouring Without Makeup, Botox, or Facelifts

The biggest beauty trend in the world right now is contouring. Adding highlights and dark shades to certain areas of the face to redefine and sharpen the contours of the face, like the cheekbones, jaw, and eyebrows. It highlights the natural beauty of a person and makes for a stunning and dramatic make-up look. Of course, contouring is more popular among younger people, and not only because it is...

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