Selphyl fillers are platelets and serum from your own blood that is mixed with calcium chloride and injected into your skin. This is why it is commonly known as the vampire facelift.  The purpose of selphyl fillers are to improve facial volume and contours. There are several of the benefits of selphyl fillers.

1. Selphyl fillers will help stimulate the generation of the collagen inside of the skin.

2. Selphyl fillers can help remove wrinkles. 

3. Your skin is going to be a lot softer after you have used the selphyl filler on your face.

4. Selphyl fillers can help rejuvenate a person's skin and their complexion. 

5. Selphyl fillers can help remove any skin that might be sagging.

6. The clarity of the skin is going to grow.

7. Selphyl fillers allow results for tighter skin.

8. Selphyl fillers can help remove any of marks and spots from scars.

9. Selphyl fillers allow the development of better blood circulation.

10. Better quality of skin will develop over time.

11. Bumps and irregularities are unlikely to occur because the fillers are taken from the body

12. It is a safe procedure because only natural sources are injected into the skin.

Selphyl fillers will allow you to have more youthful skin. Contact us today to book a vampire facelift to reverse your aging process!